Upcoming Beer Releases + Cake Beer Cans!

We are excited to announce that even though both of our locations have reopened, we will continue to release all of our beers via our online store!

Over the past several months, we (like everyone else) have experienced a number of changes in our business and have had to figure out how to adapt on the fly. One of the biggest changes that we experienced was figuring out how to get our products into the hands of our customers both safely and conveniently. Through the powers of the internet Gods, we were fortunately able put together an online ordering and curbside pick up system. It took a bit of time to figure out and several weeks to work through the kinks but we were able to put together a new way to get beer into our customers hands. Pretty cool! At the end of the day, what we really noticed was how happy our customers were that they were able to easily purchase our beer over the interweb and pick it up at their convenience. And because of this, we have decided that this is the way we want to move forward with all of our beer releases. No more spending your time making sure you will be able to get to a bottle or can release. No more showing up to find out the beer is sold out. And no more waiting in line.

‪Starting June 23rd, we will begin offering our new products available for online preorder every Tuesday. When a new product is available, it will go live at noon and will be available for purchase until 8am the following morning. You will be able to order your beer and pick it up at either location later that week. Your beer will be available for pick-up starting Thursday when we open and you must pick up your beer no later than Sunday or your beer will be put back into our inventory. Going forward, Tuesday will be the day to order beer online. If there is any inventory remaining after the buying window ends, it will be available for on site purchase in our taprooms.

‪This Tuesday we are very excited to release Imperial Cake Beer (9.5%abv). 4 Packs of cans will be available for preorder at noon tomorrow (6/23) at store.strangerootsbeer.com.