Spontaneous Roots Vintage 2019 Bottle Release – 8.16.19

Gueuze is a special spontaneously fermented beer that continues to inspire us. Traditionally, it is made by taking barrel aged lambic, blending the young (1-year-old) with the old (2- or 3-year-old), and then letting the product condition and age in bottles.

Our Spontaneous Roots Vintage encapsulates this inspiration, while concentrating on our local terroir, here in Western Pennsylvania. All the ingredients were hand selected from local farmers, brewed, spontaneously fermented and barrel aged.

Our Spontaneous Roots Vintage 2019 (7.9% abv)combines blends of beer from 2016, 2017 and 2018. The beer pours a bright golden-straw color with wispy white head. The aroma expresses our indigenous barnyard funk, but with light notes of pear, nectarine and sandalwood. The flavor is fruit forward, namely apricot and peach, but with light mineral notes. The finish is dry and sour with mild chalkiness, but ends with a sweet/sour hard candy.

We are proud of our local area and are excited to present Spontaneous Roots Vintage 2019 to you tomorrow at both of our locations. Bottles (375ml) will be available for purchase starting at 5pm and are priced at $11.75 each.