Strange Roots exists at the intersection of farmhouse brewing tradition and creative, locally-driven experimentation. We’re passionate about celebrating our environment through the use of local ingredients, varying fermentation methods and micro flora, and strive to create unique artisan ales inspired by our surroundings here in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains.

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Millvale – Taproom

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Bumble Lion Bottle Release 7/21/18

This past spring was very special season for our brewing team – for the first time we were able to forage in our own backyard of our new brewery location in Gibsonia which gave us the sense of home that we had been longing for. Our goal was to really encapsulate our terroir outside of spontaneous fermentation season by using seasonal ingredients that we are able to find growing in our local environment.

When we go out in the woods to forage, we aren’t always sure what we are looking for – a lot of times you don’t really know whats out there until you stumble upon it. We like to use this time not only to try to gather ingredients, but also to share ideas, enjoy nature and watch Goose attempt to catch the random frogs that cross our tracks…like when we were kids.

Earlier this spring we were walking through a field and noticed that one of the first Pennsylvania wild flowers of the season to be in bloom were dandelions. Knowing that dandelions are edible and used in everything from teas and wines to salads … we decided right then and there that we wanted to make a beer with them. So our small brew team spent the next couple hours out in the field right next to our brewery picking flowers.. Yep, pretty awesome!

The beer that we decided to create from this idea is a farmhouse ale fermented with dandelions and some wild green pears then aged in some Sauvignon blanc casks we had at the brewery. During fermentation, the aromas of spring were throughout the brewery. Prior to bottling, we added local bee pollen from our friends at ‪Freedom Farms‬ to the casks.

The result is a brand new beer that we call Bumble Lion (7.4%abv). This beer boasts bright notes of green apple, white peach flesh, floral dandelion and mild honey comb. The sensory notes exhibit must, green prickly pear, lime and honey dew melon finishing with a dry tartness and an assertive acidity, most likely from the sauvignon blanc cask and local micro flora.

Bumble Lion is packaged in 500ml bottles and will be available tomorrow (‪7/21‬) at both of our locations. They are $8.50 each and there is a 6 bottle limit per person.


Frequently Asked Questions

‌ What is wild beer?

Wild beer is a type of beer that is typically fermented with yeast, wild yeast (brettanomyces) and bacteria. The bacteria, often found in other foods like cheese, bread, and yogurt, produces acids that give the beer a tart and refreshing flavor profile. Most of our sour beers are aged in oak barrels for an average time of 9-12 months.

What is a coolship (koelschip)?

A coolship (koelschip) is a low lying, open, flat vessel in which beer naturally cools overnight (24-48 hours). During cooling, resident microorganisms (part of our terroir) inoculate the beer to initiate the fermentation. So, when we use our coolship, we don’t add yeast…it all comes from nature.

What is terroir?

Terroir is a term typically used in the wine industry to explain the complete natural environment in which a particular wine is produced, including factors such as the soil, topography, and climate. The specific conditions create characteristic tastes and flavors imparted by the environment in which it is produced. In the sour beer community, terroir is very important because the process is very much like wine making.

Are all of your beers aged in oak barrels?

No, but most of them are. We believe that barrel aging is necessary for some beers, but other benefit from extended bottle maturation instead. Any beer aged in barrels is clearly identified on the label and explained in the description. Our barrel aged beers typically age approximately between 9-12 months. That being said, we do have a various barrels beyond 12 months but we don’t begin to taste them until 18 months. We have barrels aging from 18 months up to 4 years.

Do you make kettle sours or quick sours?

No. We prefer not to use this method and rely on a more natural approach.

Are you willing to donate beer to a special event?

We love supporting and participating in local events, however like we mentioned before, we’re a small brewery and our ability to donate beer is very limited. Additionally, PA laws are strict on donation of alcoholic beverages. If you have an event that you think would be a particularly good fit, feel free to reach out to Mark at

Where can I find your beer outside of Pittsburgh?

We’re a small local brewery and the Pittsburgh market is our priority. When we’re able, we distribute our products in limited quantities throughout the US through Shelton Brothers Importers and in Philadephia through Shangy’s Beer Distributor.

Can you ship me beer?

Not at this time, sorry!

Is your beer available outside the taproom?

A small percentage of our beer is available in bars, restaurants, and retailers in the Pittsburgh area. If you are a local establishment interested in carrying Strange Roots beer or a customer looking for a place to buy it, please contact Dennis Hock at

Can I bring my dog?

Yes! Well behaved dogs are welcome to come and hang out in our outdoor beer garden area (but not inside).

Can I bring my child?

Children are welcome if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Do you have merch?

Tees, glassware, empty growlers and stickers are available for purchase at both of our locations.

Do you fill growlers?

Yes. We will fill 64oz and 32oz growlers of select beers. We also sell empty 64oz growlers for $5.

Do you brew your beer on site?

Yes! Our beer is brewed at our production facility located in Gibsonia, PA.

What about for private events?

We do not host private events during our normal business hours. If you are interested in having a private event at either our Gibsonia brewery or Millvale taproom during days that we are normally closed, please contact Jaclyn at

When is the Beer Garden open?

Same as our regular hours, weather permitting!

Do you serve food?

Yes! Our Millvale taproom has a full kitchen that specializes in smoked meat sandwiches and tacos. We also have several vegetarian friendly items on our menu.

Our Gibsonia location features a rotating line-up of food trucks.

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