After 6 years of brewing, exploring and expanding our craft here at Draai Laag, we’re applying all that we’ve learned to make some exciting changes in 2018. As of March 7, we are operating under a new name!

After a lot of thought and even more beers, we’ve decided there are some things we want to do a little differently – like explore more brewing variations, get creative with styles we haven’t made before, and open a second tasting room at our new production facility in Gibsonia. That means a wide variety of new beers you can drink right where we brew ‘em.

As excited as we are about this new direction, we’re proud to maintain the core values and relationships we’ve developed at Draai Laag. Our owners and staff are the same awesome folks you’ve come to know, our beers will be available at the same places you’re used to finding them (including the Millvale taproom!), we’ll continue to keep our focus in the local Pittsburgh market, and anything outside of that will be distributed by our friends at Shangy’s and Shelton Brothers.

Our roots in small, farmhouse brewing will never change. We’ll always have a special place in our hearts and on our draft list for indigenous mixed cultures and spontaneous fermentation. Perhaps most importantly, Strange Roots is just as passionate about embracing the local terroir and fermentation science as Draai Laag was. We’re simply applying those experimental brewing theories to a wider variety of styles than just the wild and sour beers DL became synonymous with.

There are a few DL brews that will come along for the next Strange adventure, more that will change, and a few that we’ll retire to make room for exciting new styles, tastes, and experiences.

We are humbled and grateful for the continued support you’ve shown use over the years, and we can only hope you’re as excited about these ch-ch-ch-changes as we are.

That said, we’re also here to answer any questions you have and make this transition is as transparent as possible. Come chat with Dennis at the Millvale taproom on Friday, March 2nd from 5-7pm during the final bottle release under the Draai Laag name for a very special beer we’re calling Dance of Death.

New website coming soon!

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